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The escape rooms

Each TIXS room is a unique ‘exit the room’ challenge with specific challenges relating to a central drama. We combine great game mechanics with imaginative themes and stories. For the escapists among you, TIXS will take you to another world where you are the central character. For the problem solvers and puzzle fans, we’ll keep you tested and busy. For everyone, we guarantee an hour to remember.

We try not to make it too easy to solve a room, but we do make your experience comfortable and special, with free refreshments and a welcoming reception room (with games). You also get your own room operator, focused on you and dedicated to your enjoyment.

Escape Room 1: Disinherited! Fortune favours the smart

Your dear, dying, filthy-rich great uncle. All those years you visited him, listened to his ramblings, his old records and his afternoon snoring, knowing that when he finally gasped his last breath, his fortune would be yours, as written in his will. Until, that is, the old fool met that ruthless young gold-digger and married her. He’s got socks older than her, but she wooed him and persuaded him to change his will. Now she is the sole heir to his estate.

In one hour, the executor comes through the door and that’s it for you – nothing to show for all your devotion but a solicitor’s bill and your great uncle’s vinyl collection of Bavarian folk music.

Step inside. The clock is ticking and your chance to reclaim your rightful inheritance has entered its final hour.

Escape Room 2: Lost in space! All we need is the air that we breathe

Who’d have thought it, a genuine alien craft found buried beneath the city of Wiesbaden! Of course, it’s been decommissioned by the authorities, and is therefore completely safe to climb aboard and experience a genuine extra-terrestrial artefact, now on show as the city’s proudest ever exhibit.

Hang on, what’s that strange humming sound? Why has the airlock sealed itself shut? And why does the ticket office suddenly look like it’s getting smaller, and smaller, and… is that Earth? Mmm, I feel a little lightheaded, as if… as if the air is getting thinner.

The clock is ticking down, and so is the oxygen. You have one hour before the ship becomes an airless tomb floating through space, with you its final ever occupants.

Find us in Wiesbaden's city centre

Where to go

Luisenstr. 8
65185 Wiesbaden

When you arrive…

Go through the archway that leads to back of the building. As you reach the end of the service road, you’ll see some steps on the right-hand side leading to a door. Go to the door, press the buzzer marked ‘TIXS’ and we’ll let you in. Come up to the 4th floor, where we’ll be waiting to greet you. Any problems, give us a call on 0151 22 34 7280 or 0611 3417 9357.

Note for wheelchair users

Unfortunately, access to our rooms in Wiesbaden is only possible via stairs. A navigable path by wheelchair is not available in this building. We ask for your understanding in this matter and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.