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Team Building at TIXS

One of the best things about a good ‘exit the room’ game is its suitability for team building. It’s a unique and memorable way to challenge different people in a variety of ways, teach collaboration, and celebrate the diverse strengths that different personalities bring to a variety of situations. And that’s without mentioning the invaluable benefits of a great time socialising away from the office.

  • Newly formed teams can get to know one another in a safe, inclusive and fun environment, breaking the ice, breaking down barriers and quickly building team performance potential.
  • One-off teams, eg project teams, who don’t normally work together can become acquainted with their new colleagues before they get to work on the real business of effective service delivery.
  • Established teams can rediscover what makes each of them a valued part of the group, reinvigorating their camaraderie and performance for whatever next comes their way.

Learning outcomes are many and varied, from leadership performance, better collaboration and improved communication to colleague appreciation and strengthened team dynamics.

We’re experienced team-building professionals

Lots of escape rooms offer a team-building experience. After all, if you put five team members in a puzzle room, then technically it’s a team-building event.

TIXS is different. We’ve been designing team-building challenges and events for twenty years, long before we opened our rooms. We understand how good team-building events are inclusive learning environments from which individuals, groups and companies can really benefit.

We work with you

If you just want to have fun and a welcome break from the rigours of working life, our rooms are great social events for co-workers. But if you want a more bespoke experience that aligns with your own team-building needs, we can help deliver events that enhance personal growth and productivity, and meet your needs as a business.

We run custom-designed outdoor team-building adventures around Wiesbaden and throughout this beautiful region of Germany. We can also work with your own team-building professionals to develop events that support their work, such as leadership, culture change and people skills.

Get in touch

For more information on how we can help you build an exciting, original and rewarding team event, call or email us and let’s start creating.

Our rooms are portable!

We have unique portable versions of our rooms, suitable for groups from four to a hundred. We can set up in any indoor environment within minutes, and can run multiple teams competing against each other at the same time. We have 60 and 90-minute versions that fit perfectly with the rest of your training day’s agenda or social itinerary.

The Mercure Hotel, Wiesbaden, at your disposal

We’re friends and neighbours with the nearby Mercure Hotel in Bahnhofstrasse. When you book a team-building event with us, we can provide you with high-quality rooms and facilities for larger groups at a rate you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s the perfect place for running our indoor events for larger teams, but you can also make full use of the space before and after your TIXS event, so you could hold a conference, enjoy a TIXS event, and then follow it up with dinner and an awards presentation. It’s your space to use however you want.

Some of our clients

Bayer Boehringer Ingelheim Crown CSC DROH GM Kuehne + Nagel Merck Nassauische Sparkasse Osram R+V