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exit the room in 60 minutes
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TIXS - Live ‘escape the room’ games for teams of 2 to 5 that test skills, smart thinking and teamwork.

Beat the clock to solve the riddles of our rooms. Dramatic settings will inspire and immerse you. Captivating storylines will place you at the heart of colourful, compelling mysteries that only you can solve.

Team up with friends and colleagues, accept the challenge, take a deep breath, and step inside. The clock is ticking.

How TIXS escape rooms work

You book an escape room at one of our locations. We’ll send you a confirmation along with instructions on timings and directions.

When you arrive a TIXS room operator will brief you, answer your questions and guide you to your room.

You enter the room. The door closes behind you. You’re on your own.

Whether you discover the secrets of the room, or the room remains a mystery depends on you.

Were you a winner? Did you exit the room in time? Then try another escape room, or challenge others to beat your time in the same room.

Were you defeated? Why not come back and try another room.

TIXS - Totally Immersive XPerience Systems.

"We played the ‘Lost in space’ exit room in Wiesbaden and were blown away. It was our first escape game experience and exceeded all expectations."

"A super exciting hour of puzzles."

"The puzzles were imaginative, the team is super cute! So, get off the couch and into the fun."

"TIXS sets new standards in the escape room market."

"An hour of pure excitement."

"A completely new gaming experience, perfect for team building."

"Better than all the escape games I know, 5 star trip advisor review."

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1 Team
Up to 5 people
60 relentless minutes

No way out
Step inside.
The clock is ticking.
This is TIXS - Totally Immersive XPerience Systems